Blaze-Persistence Community

Blaze-Persistence is an open source project that is developed in the open. It is mainly developed by individuals and members of Blazebit and everyone is welcome to join the community!

Get Help

If you can’t find what you are looking for on the Internet or in the documentation you can get into touch with the community around Blaze-Persistence via multiple channels:

Zulip Chat

Ask anything you want, anytime. You will almost always get an immediate response.


Use the Q&A platform you know for questions or problems by tagging questions with blaze-persistence.

GitHub issues

Open a new issue on the GitHub issue tracker and we will take care of it as soon as possible.

Stay up to date


The Blaze-Persistence team regularly writes articles on the Blazebit blog about the latest features.


The Blaze-Persistence team writes about releases, upcoming events and general announcements in the news section.


Tweets about articles and retweets of related content.


Don’t be scared to contribute, submitting an issue or just pointing out on channels that you have a problem is already valuable contribution!

GitHub issues

Create issues about problems or just simple questions.

Help Other Users

Answer questions on Stackoverflow, on Zulip Chat or on GitHub issues.

Improve Documentation

Found a typo or would like to re-work sections, maybe even add new sections? Send us a pull requests and you will be surprised how fast that will be merged!

Write articles and spread the word

If you write an article about Blaze-Persistence we would love to share that with other users. Let us know, ideally by tweeting about it with #BlazePersistence and we will make sure it gets attention!

Adopt issues

Analyzing an issue or creating a reproducable test case for it is already a big help! Some issues are even especially labeled for beginners, so don’t be shy!

Test early releases

We often do some Alpha and Beta releases to bring new features to you early and catch some nasty bugs or design issues. Do some experiments with the releases or switch to the versions in your projects just to see if everything still works smoothly.

Contribute code

Before you can contribute code, you should setup you environment for developing Blaze-Persistence!

Quick setup

Since we are working on GitHub you should start by forking Blaze-Persistence and cloning that repository.

git clone
cd blaze-persistence

Blaze-Persistence uses Maven so make sure you have a current version installed. You can build the project with the default profiles

mvn clean package

Development should be possible with any IDE but is probably easiest with IntelliJ since the Core team also uses that.

Core Team

Christian Beikov

Christian Beikov

Project lead

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Moritz Becker

Moritz Becker


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Jan-Willem Gmelig Meyling

Jan-Willem Gmelig Meyling


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