Blaze-Persistence 1.5.0-Alpha2 Release

Blaze-Persistence version 1.5.0-Alpha2 was just released

By Christian Beikov on 14 May 2020

Wow, what a big release! There is so much good stuff in 1.5.0-Alpha2, you definitely should update, also because of some important bug fixes! Our biggest newcomers are the Querydsl integration and Quarkus integration with support for native compilation when using our brand new annotation processor, which generates entity view implementations during compilation. It also generates static metamodels and builder implementations and is useful also for non-Quarkus projects, but more on that in a blog post. Please consider updating soon to avoid running into a concurrency issue that we discovered recently.

Our Spring WebMvc/WebFlux and JAX-RS integrations support mapping a PathVariable/PathParam as the id for an entity view payload. We improved a few validations to make you aware of configuration issues early and improved performance in various ways. The PaginatedCriteriaBuilder API is now capable of doing a bounded count i.e. count up to a given value to improve performance. In entity views it is now also supported to limit the number of elements to fetch from collections or from correlations through the @Limit annotation.

If you want to know more about the new features, take a look into the changelog for a full list of changes and improvements.

The next release will be the final one for the 1.5 series. Until then, have fun with 1.5.0-Alpha2!

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