Blaze-Persistence 1.5.0-Alpha1 Release

Blaze-Persistence version 1.5.0-Alpha1 was just released

By Christian Beikov on 18 March 2020

We are happy to announce the first alpha release of the 1.5 series. We introduced a few very interesting features like MULTISET fetching for entity views, support for predicates in array expressions and array expression with entity literals as basis. Apart from the new features, we also fixed quite a few bugs and improved performance. Most notable are bug fixes in updatable entity views. There were problems in the dirty tracking of indexed collections(List, Map) when clearing and re-adding elements. Using @PreUpdate entity view lifecycle listeners could also lead to various issues like missed updates. Version 1.5.0-Alpha1 should be a drop-in replacement for earlier versions and we highly recommend that you update as soon as possible to avoid running into the mentioned or other issues.

If you want to know more about the new features, take a look into the updated core and entity view documentation.

Take a look into the changelog for a full list of changes and improvements.

I wish you all the best, stay safe and healthy in this hard times! Enjoy the release and stay tuned for the next one!

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