Blaze-Persistence 1.4.0-Alpha3 Release

Blaze-Persistence version 1.4.0-Alpha3 was just released

By Christian Beikov on 26 October 2019

We just released Blaze-Persistence version 1.4.0-Alpha3 containing quite a few bug fixes as well as a few new features! We support the newest Spring Boot and Spring Data version 2.2 and now also have support for FULL JOIN which is supported by Hibernate. Entity Views equality is now based on the entity inheritance top type and we now also provide a default implementation for toString(). We made a few Entity View annotations repeatable.

Take a look into the changelog for a full list of changes and improvements.

A big thank you goes out to Jan-Willem Gmelig Meyling for supporting users and helping with Spring and Hibernate integration issues! I would also like to thank Eugen Mayer and his colleague Sebastian Ulrich for reporting documentation issues and questioning a few naming and design choices.

As you might notice, the announced preliminary support for entity view lifecycle listeners didn’t make it into this release, mainly because other issues were more important. The next release will be about entity view lifecycle listeners though, I promise :)

I’m aiming to finish work on that by end of November or the beginning of December.

Have fun with this release and stay tuned for the next one!

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