Blaze-Persistence 1.3.2 Release

Blaze-Persistence version 1.3.2 was just released

By Christian Beikov on 26 February 2019

We just released Blaze-Persistence version 1.3.2, again with a lot of bug fixes especially in the DeltaSpike Data integration. It’s completely backwards compatible and as always, we advise you to update quickly to avoid getting bitten by the bugs ;)

The most notable bug fixes are:

  • #720 EntityViewRepository findAll(start,max) fails with ClassCastException

  • #722 NPE during view attribute accessor resolving when lacking an explicit version mapping

  • #723 Workaround EclipseLink’s wrong null precedence handling on platforms that don’t support it

  • #724 Select correlation wrongly tries to load data based on null correlation basis

  • #725 Select alias expressions should be resolved when copying a query or when switching the select clause

  • #728 Non-entity-view deltaspike repository method wrongly tries to resolve entity class via view class

  • #729 Repository method findAll(int start, int max) for entity type doesn’t properly paginate

  • #733 Replacing normal collection with recording during flush fails because of invalid setParent call due to ClearAction

  • #734 Readonly parents collection isn’t copied when replacing the attribute values

  • #736 Updatable plural attribute doesn’t allow updatable/creatable subtypes when missing the setter

Take a look into the changelog for a full list of changes and improvements.

Thanks to all contributors for reporting issues and helping us understand the root causes.

The first alpha release of 1.4.0 will still take some time to bake because of entity view lifecycle listeners which takes some time to get right. We will publish it as soon as we have an acceptable version you can try out!

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