Talk about Blaze-Persistence at Java Vienna JUG

I am giving a talk about Blaze-Persistence Entity Views at the Java Vienna JUG

By Christian Beikov on 23 November 2018

I will be speaking at the Java Vienna JUG meetup taking place at the Vienna University of Technology on the 3rd of December 2018. The exact location will be published on the meetup page and the talk will start at around 18:25.

The title of the presentation is Entity Views - Not your father’s DTOs and it will be about all the benefits that come with using Entity Views. In the talk I will explain the basic concepts, show some features and present use cases. You can expect a little comparison with other DTO solutions and an example application that shows how Entity Views can be used end-to-end. I will also showcase some real world examples of community members which will allow you to get a feeling for how much you can benefit by using Entity Views.

After the meetup I’ll stick around for beer and further discussions, so if you are in town, join us!

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