Blaze-Persistence 1.3.0-Alpha3 Release

Blaze-Persistence version 1.3.0-Alpha3 was just released

By Christian Beikov on 06 September 2018

Blaze-Persistence version 1.3.0-Alpha3 adds many new features and fixes quite a few issues!

Originally, we didn’t even plan to push out another Alpha release, but we added so many new features and fixed quite a few annoying bugs, that we decided to push out another version instead of letting you wait for the final release.

Unfortunately we had to do some backwards-incompatible changes to the jpa-criteria module as we wrongly made JPA CriteriaQuery dependent on an EntityManager which prevented caching. The only difference is that the EntityManager will now have to be passed to a createCriteriaBuilder method that was added to the JPA extension interface BlazeCriteriaQuery instead of passing it during query creation via the BlazeCriteria utility class.

To support varying page sizes and thus also offsets that aren’t calculatable based on the page and pageSize, we introduced new constructors for KeysetPageRequest and changed the semantics of existing ones in the Spring Data and DeltaSpike Data modules. If you constructed KeysetPageRequest manually, please review if the constructor that you use fits your needs. Since the DeltaSpike Data integration brings it’s own PageRequest API, you are also affected of this change when you construct a PageRequest with the DeltaSpike Data integration.

The most notable features and bug fixes are:

  • #612 Initial Hibernate 5.4 support

  • #648 Support for Spring Data 2.1

  • #305 Problems with the use of the VALUES clause and parameters in the select clause have been fixed

  • #622 Introduced EntityViewSettingProcessor to allow customizing EntityViewSetting used in Spring Data repositories

  • #568, #194 Add support for GROUP BY with PaginatedCriteriaBuilder

  • #444 Support @EmbeddedId and @IdClass attributes when using keyset pagination

Take a look into the changelog for a full list of changes and improvements.

A big thank you is going out to Giovanni Lovato for pushing forward the Spring Data integration, testing edge cases with embeddables and improving the Eclipse development experience. Thanks to Jan-Willem Gmelig Meyling we now also have an integration for the upcoming Hibernate 5.4 release!

The last few issues that are planned for the final 1.3.0 release still need some work. We are currently planning to finish everything up by the end of September.

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