Blaze-Persistence 1.3.0-Alpha2 Release

Blaze-Persistence version 1.3.0-Alpha2 was just released

By Christian Beikov on 20 July 2018

Blaze-Persistence version 1.3.0-Alpha2 adds a few new features but mainly has focused on bug fixes!

The main features are the support for the new EMBEDDING_VIEW function in entity views, that finally allows to refer to the entity relation of a view that embeds a SubqueryProvider or CorrelationProvider, but also in case of simple subviews. Giovanni Lovato did his first PR and added support for passing entity view optional parameters to spring data repository methods via @OptionalParam, thank you for that!

A few other notable changes and fixes

  • #421 Allow the use of OUTER and macros for subquery correlation joins

  • #597 Smoothen support for associations in embeddables especially in updatable entity views

  • #601 Fix problems in entity views with SELECT fetching of entities with embedded ids

  • #602 Fix problems in entity views with SUBSELECT fetching when subview uses named parameters multiple times

  • #608 Omit null precedence emulation expression on MySQL when it matches the native behavior

We are making good progress on the 1.3 timeline, but a final release will probably take a few more weeks as we prioritized fixing bugs that new users encountered over strictly following our plan. Currently, we assume we can do the 1.3.0 final release by mid August, and we will most likely publish another Alpha release by end of July.

Grab the release while it’s hot! We appreciate any feedback, so let us know what you think of this release :)

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