Blaze-Persistence 1.2.0-Alpha3 Release

Blaze-Persistence version 1.2.0-Alpha3 was just released

By Christian Beikov on 27 April 2017

This release which should already be available on Maven Central includes some very hot features

  • #406 Spring Boot 1.5.0 support

  • #375 Entity views support primitive types now

  • #357 Allow to refer to this in entity view mappings

  • #351 Spring Data JPA Specification support

  • #312 Treat support and inheritance mapping support for entity views

  • #257 Support for specifying fetches in entity views

  • #198 Proper One-To-One mapping support

and lots of bugfixes

  • #381 Query caching issues with advanced SQL queries

  • #338 Workaround for Hibernate CASE WHEN parser bug

  • #330 Group by KEY expression regression

  • #319 Fixes for raw type uses in entities

There will be 1-2 subsequent Alpha releases until feature completeness is reached for the 1.2.0 release.
After that we will focus on stabilizing the API and release 1-2 Beta versions before the final version goes out.

In the next Alpha release you can expect the following

  • #414 Updatable entity view prototype

  • #321 Better support for JPA field access strategy

  • #88 Avoid generation of duplicate GROUP BY clauses

  • #188 SIZE to COUNT transformation when used in WHERE clause

  • #387 Macro for referring to query root in entity views

  • #317 Nesting of OUTER functions for proper multi-level subquery-to-parent access

  • #401 Mapping of java.util.Map in entity views with custom keys

  • #367 Support for referring to embedding query in subquery of entity view

  • #325 Support providing EntityViewSetting to Spring-Data repositories

  • #352 Support Blaze-Persistence Criteria Specification in Spring-Data repositories

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