Blaze-Persistence 1.2.0-Alpha1 Release

Blaze-Persistence version 1.2.0-Alpha1 was just released

By Christian Beikov on 29 September 2016

This release includes some very hot features

  • #222 Entity joins support in core has landed!

  • #202 Entity views can now reference their view root via VIEW_ROOT

  • #218 Entity views can also now have a custom root defined when applying the setting

  • #211 Parser implements negation optimizations

  • #200 Parser supports literals with type suffix

  • #193 Subqueries can use correlated paths now

  • #205 IN-predicate API of core supports Collection now instead of List

  • #192 Various API changes for supporting multi-subquery expressions

  • #108 Entity views can now correlate separate queries as subviews to an entity view

  • #120 Treat support was added

  • #181 Support for the VALUES clause has been added

  • #183 JPA Criteria API has been implemented that is backed by blaze-persistence

  • #90 + #67 SIZE to COUNT transformation was reworked from ground up for better reliability

and lots of bugfixes

  • #234 Fix SIZE to COUNT transformation for indexed collections

  • #233 Workaround for Hibernate bug included: HHH-9329

  • #208 Provider classes for entity view get validated now to avoid runtime exceptions

  • #219 Embeddable entity views now allowed to be abstract classes too

  • #214 Generics issues fixed

There will be 2-3 subsequent Alpha releases until we reach feature completion for the planned features.
After that we will focus on stabilizing + documentation and release 1-2 Beta versions before the final version goes out.

In the next Alpha release you can expect at least the following

  • #108 Correlation strategy subselect and batching will be implemented

  • #120 Treat operator support will be finished

  • #181 Table function support will be finished

  • #198 Problems with one-to-one mappings will be fixed

  • #191 + #216 Entity views will allow better collection usage

  • #204 Polymorphic queries will be supported

  • #257 Entity attributes in entity views will be able to specify fetches

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